Budget Cell Phone Repair specializes in cell phone screen repair. We replace cracked screens and broken glass promptly and at an affordable price. Problems with your phone screen can be caused by a number of other Issues. It might be a software problem or a component other than the screen. The battery charge could be low or the battery itself could be faulty. It might even be a component that was dislodged inside your mobile phone. Budget handles any kind of screen issue: LCD repair, LCD replacement, LCD screen, smart phone screens, black screen, Apple phone screen repair, and screen replacement. Cracked screen repair, or cracked screen replacement is not something Budget Cell Phone Repair recommends the layperson attempt, but if the problem is not obvious—that is if the screen is not cracked or you did not drop the phone before the screen stopped working—there are a few things that you could try before bringing it in to a professional. You could try powering your device down and then turning it back on to reset its software—checking the screen to see if it works afterwards. You could even try charging the phone overnight and checking the screen again, but unless you have worked as an electronics repair tech recently it is not a good idea to attempt a repair yourself. Cell phone components are easy to break, and you always run the risk of causing further damage to the phone when you take it apart. Professional diagnosis and repair is the best option for any complex phone issue. So, whether you dropped your cell phone, your pet knocked it off a table, or it’s a complete mystery, Budget Cell Phone Repair can fix your cell phone. We repair or replace cracked screens and broken glass quickly and affordably.

Is my LCD screen cracked or is it the digitizer?

There are three main parts to the touch screen on your smartphone: the LCD screen, the digitizer (touch panel), and the glass cover. The most commonly broken piece on a cell phone is the digitizer which lays on top of the LCD and allows the touch screen to function. In many cases, the digitizer can be replaced without having to replace the LCD. If you turn on your phone and you see everything but aren’t able to operate the touch screen then it is likely your digitizer that needs to be replaced. If you cannot see the picture or the picture it is cracked, then it is likely the LCD that needs to be replaced. In many of these cases, we can replace the LCD and do not have to replace the digitizer as well. If your cell phone is not cracked: Does the phone power on? Is your screen black? If your phone doesn’t power on, it could be a battery issue, charger problem, or even charging port problem. If this is the case visit our cell phone repair page (home page) for more details. The Budget Cell Phone Repair team is available 9am-9pm seven days a week. We are affordable, we offer free diagnostic, and same day service. We also service all major brands. Many cell phone problems can be repaired on the same day you bring it in. If the phone requires more time for repair you will be notified and in many cases, if available, you can get a free loner phone. As soon as your cell phone is repaired and fully tested, we will notify you. Budget Cell Phone Repair offers high quality phone repair, the fastest turnaround times, and whenever possible, same day service. We work on all major brands from the newest iPhone’s and Samsung’s to HTC’s and LG’s. Whether it’s an iPhone 5 or 6, a Samsung Galaxy 5 or 6, an HTC, or the latest LG our repair services provide you with the finest quality and the quickest repair time. We offer smartphone Screen Repair (cell phone screen replacement) and repairs for Broken Glass, and Liquid Damage. We repair or replace Buttons, Speakers, Charging Ports, Headphone Jacks, Cameras, Camera Glass, Antennas, Batteries, Keypads; we even solve software problems. Take your phone to the pros at Budget Cell Phone Repair.